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In this section of the website, you will find information about our approach to teaching Maths at Ferryhill Station Primary School.


It is our goal at Ferryhill Station Primary School for children to become confident mathematicians of the world by the time they leave our care. It is our goal to provide them with the tools and with the knowledge so that they have a curiosity for maths that goes beyond the classroom and into their everyday lives. We want them to reason and to justify why things happen, and use this to explore in a more confident way.


We follow a curriculum, therefore, that allows the children to secure and develop these skills. Each lesson focuses on a fluency skill, which is looked at in different ways (with equipment, real life scenarios, partner work), and then they are set a number of reasoning and problem solving tasks to further imbed these principles. The maths curriculum follows the White Rose scheme of work (see planning below).

To compliment this approach, teachers work closely with the maths lead (Mr Leake) to make sure subject knowledge and delivery is secure. The school works with the Maths Hub and uses many resources to enrich the curriculum.


Come back soon to see how we’re mastering the maths curriculum this year!