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Vision Values and Ethos

Limestone Learning Federation Values

Ludworth and Ferryhill Station Primary Schools


We work hard to ensure that there is no inequality of experience for any groups of people, including those who are less well off financially than others.


We treat each other as we like to be treated ourselves.

Diamond Power

We learn to solve our own problems. We develop independence and grow our ability to learn.


We want to be the best that we can be and aim high.

Ruby Power

We support each other and are happy to celebrate each other’s success. We are kind to one another.


We aim for excellence in everything we do.


We work hard and are proud to achieve at the highest level we are able to do.

Emerald Power

When things are challenging, we persevere, keep calm and keep going. We have resilience.


We work hard to meet the rights of everyone.

Managing Risks

We can identify risks and hazards and we manage these ourselves.

Staying Safe

We work together to keep ourselves and each other safe.


Limestone Learning Federation

 Vision Statement

At Ludworth and Ferryhill Station Primary Schools, we work hard to ensure that all children have an equal experience, regardless of their gender, faith, ethnicity, physical ability, social / emotional or mental health need, sexual orientation or financial status.  We aim to promote respect for one another, the world around us and everyone in it. We support all children in becoming independent individuals of good character who support each other and have resilience so that they can face any challenge that comes their way. We encourage children to aim for excellence in everything they do and to achieve at the highest standard they are able to. We help our children to understand their rights and the rights of others. We give children the skills they need to keep themselves and others safe by recognising and managing their own risks.