At Ferryhill Station Primary School, we pride ourselves on our high levels of staffing. This means we can tailor the curriculum and our teaching to meet the needs of every child in school. This page gives details of all school staff and also the responsibilities of each member of the teaching staff in school. 


Head Teacher

Mr. E. P. Jackson                                          Safeguarding, Assessment/Data, Performing Arts, MFL, RE, Music


Deputy Head Teacher

Mr. T. Leake                                                  Year 5/6 Teacher, Safeguarding, Computing, Maths, NQT mentor


Teaching Staff

Mrs. S. Rees - Teacher                                   Reception & Nursery Teacher

Mrs G. Rooke - Teacher                                    Year 1/2 Teacher, English

Mrs. S. Peacock - Teacher                             SENCO & LAC, Art and Design & Design Technology

Miss K. Elliff - Teacher (NQT)                         Year 3/4 Teacher, Science

Miss S. Jayne - Teacher                                 Intervention support, PPA cover, Geography & History, PE


Support Staff

Mrs. S. Adams                                                TA support

Mrs. A. Wilson                                                HLTA support

Mrs. S. Yeouart                                              HLTA support

Mrs. L. Bailes                                                      1-2-1 Specialist Support


Office Staff

Mrs. D. Smith



Mrs. D. Bell


Cleaning Staff

Ms. A. Joyce


Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants

Miss K. Harrison                                            (and Breakfast Club)

Ms. A. Joyce

Miss F. Rose

Mrs. C. Wilson




Last update: 2020-02-11