Read Write Inc         

Our aim is to support every child in becoming a fluent and successful reader. We believe that a strong and consistent approach to the teaching of phonics is vital for our children to learn to read and spell accurately. The teaching of reading begins with our youngest pupils. We support Nursery and Reception children in tuning into the sounds around them and developing an awareness that letters represent sounds which go together to make words.

We use the systematic Read Write Inc program for our phonics teaching. Sessions run daily in small groups where children are taught to recognise sounds and read decodable ‘green’ words. They are taught how to write each letter in the appropriate way. Alongside this, children are taught ‘red’ which occur frequently in books but cannot be read phonetically.

Read Write Inc.: Set 1: Speed Sound Cards: (Read Write Inc.) by ...         Read Write Inc. Phonics: A4 Speed Sounds Card Set 2 & 3 Single ...   Read Write Inc.: Green Word Cards Pack of 10 (READ WRITE INC ...  Read Write Inc. Phonics: Red Word Cards by Ruth Miskin | Waterstones

As part of the scheme, we use books that contain words with the spellings being taught. Teachers carefully select scheme story and non-fiction books with words that are phonetically decodable, meaning that children can successfully blend the words in these. They are taught to apply their phonics skills and improve their reading fluency when reading Read Write Inc books.  Read Write Inc. Phonics: RWI Non-Fiction Set 4 (Orange): Horses ...

Children also develop their understanding of spelling and writing words by breaking words down into their constituent sounds, ie segmenting words. Phonic sessions are delivered daily by trained staff, with children grouped appropriately to ensure teaching is targeted at needs.

Children are regularly assessed in their sound recognition and decoding skills to ensure progress is maintained. We identify children who require 1:1 intervention and implement short, focused sessions to support children in keeping up.

Read Write Inc sessions are delivered by trained staff, and children who need extra support in Key Stage Two access small group intervention work. Children are taught to apply the decoding skills they have acquired when reading throughout the curriculum.

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Once children are have reached an appropriate level in Read Write Inc phonics and have completed the Phonics Program there is a natural transition to the Read Write Inc Spelling Program which continues into Key Stage 2, supporting children in becoming confident and competent in their spelling of words.

At Key Stage 2, in addition to RWI Spelling, children also focus on the National Curriculum Word Lists for Years 3/4 and 5/6 to ensure coverage of spelling concepts. Children are given regular spelling tests and their progress is monitored closely.