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Here at Ferryhill Station Primary we are very proud of our remote learning offer for the duration of the national lockdown. We have worked hard with parents to evaluate the online capacity of each child. Every child has a Microsoft 365 account set up by our Local Authority and all staff have been trained on using Microsoft TEAMs to support remote learning, including hosting live teaching sessions, uploading learning resources and providing feedback to children. During the Autumn term class teachers trialled these systems in classes to show children how to log on and access their assignments and files. Class 4 even practised a TEAMs call and set weekly homework using this system. 

School converted a number of laptops so that they could be used at home and bought 4G wireless hubs to support families to get online. These were supplemented by a number of laptops from the Department for Education.  We now know that all of our families are able to access our online remote learning offer. During partial closure, teachers provided three hours work for children who are in KS1 and four hours for those who are in KS2. Teachers uploaded the work to synchronise with their live teaching sessions. If individual children are at home isolating, teachers upload work, including lessons from the Oak Academy, onto Teams and ensure children have devices and can be connected to the internet. Teachers will then do short, live calls every morning and every afternoon to ensure children are able to access learning tasks for the day and provide feedback on work completed.

Our remote learning curriculum is closely aligned to what children would have been doing in school if they were in attendance (please see the curriculum section of our website). Teachers stripped back learning into objectives that would support progression on children's return to school. During partial school closure, children in our Key Worker and Vulnerable children provision also took part in the live online teaching sessions and completed the same work as children at home. This means that all children were having the same learning experiences at the same time, which made planning learning more fluid and appropriate when everyone returned to school.

Teachers kept records of attendance at live teaching sessions as well as records of work completed online. Parents were contacted if children missed sessions so that teachers could identify barriers to engagement and offer necessary support. Teachers of younger children and those who needed more support, were also provided with weekly paper copies of any learning scaffold documents so that their learning was not obstructed by having to type into resources online. 

Please see guidance document below that was sent to all parents. It outlines expectations of school and home, as well as advice around safeguarding including online safety and safety during live teaching sessions. 

Our staff constantly reviewed the effectiveness of our online sessions during weekly staff meetings on Teams so that we could be sure we were providing the best learning support we could.  We were happy with the general structure of our remote learning offer during partial school closure and so would use this again in the event of future closures. 

Mrs J Sones

Headteacher (Temporary)