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We are absolutely determined that no child's education will suffer as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. This situation was not the fault of the children (or anyone else!) and it is not fair that their future could be jeopardised as a result of it. 

When children return to school, we will first carry out transition activities. This is something we normally do in the summer term but, of course, we were not able to do this year. We want to give children the chance to say goodbye to their old teacher if they are moving classes. 

After our transition activities, we will be teaching children about our new 'Golden Rules to Keep us Safe' (see below) and doing activities to allow them to reflect on their time since we last met. We understand that children may need some time to settle down and become used to school routines as some of them have not been in school since March.

Our next job will be to assess children's learning. What do they know and remember? What do they need to work on in order to progress their learning? Careful plans will then be made by teachers on what children need and then we'll get cracking! The government have pledged extra money to support us in plugging any Coronavirus related gaps. We will keep you informed about how we intend to use this money to support our children.