Ofsted (Inspector of Schools) has launched Parent View. We are encouraging parents to visit this site and comment on the quality of education provided by the school. Simply click on the Parent View picture below and this will take you directly to the Ofsted Parent View site for Ferryhill Station Primary School.  


Ofsted (Inspector of Schools) also publish what's called a Data Dashboard for every school in the country. This data shows how pupils in the school are performing in tests and assessments. Please click on the Ofsted logo below to see the Data Dashboard for our school. If you need any assistance or help in understanding the content of this site, please speak to Mr. Jackson



The Department for Education website allows parents to view the performance data of our school, including results at Key Stage 2 and the progress our children make during their time in our school. The website allows parents to compare our school performance to other local schools and schools nationally.

Click on the image below to be taken directly to this website.




One Point

One Point has a number of different professionals who are trained and qualified to deal with your concerns and support you and your child. Services available are:

  • Family support - early years    
  • Think Family workers - school age+   
  • Education welfare  
  • Education psychology    
  • Youth work  
  • Personal advisor
  • Health visiting
  • School nurse  

We will make sure you receive the support most appropriate to your needs, when you need it. We will also make sure that when you contact One Point we will do everything we can to help you. We will not expect you to find the help you need, we will bring the services you need to you. We have worked closely with children, young people and parents to agree a set of One Point Promises.


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