At Ferryhill Station Primary School, we are proud to offer an exciting and inspiring curriculum full of creativity, new opportunities and life experiences. The school meets the obigations of the National Curriculum 2014 documents but supplements this with topics to engage our pupils and enthuse them towards greater achievements.

To promote the very speediest development in phonics and reading, the school uses the Sounds Write scheme (whole school).

In addition, the school follows schemes and approaches in some subjects:

Maths - Mastery Approach (Fluency/Reasoning/Problem Solving)

English - Novel based planning using the Pie Corbett reading spines as a focus

PE - Core Tasks

French - Salut Scheme

PSHCE - PSHCE Association


Positive home-school relations are key to a child's success. In addition, we have provided the long-term plans for each class below. We are very proud of the vibrant and dynamic curriculum available to all of our pupils. Check out the 'Challenges' for your child's class.

Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4
2017-18 Reception - Long Term Plan Years 1&2 - Long Term Plan Years 3&4 - Long Term Plan Years 5&6 - Long Term Plan


Further information is available on demand in school. Parents are invited to speak to their child's class teacher in the first instance.