British Values

At Ferryhill Station Primary School, we feel that it is important for our children to question and understand what it means to grow up in British society. We believe that children should be allowed to develop their own values and beliefs from the informed position of receiving a broad and balanced curriculum. Through our creative curriculum - and in conjunction with Religious Education - the children learn about the range of cultures and faiths encapsulated in British society. Children are encouraged to challenge stereotypes, prejudices and injustices e.g. in Class 4's study of the Syrian refugee crisis. In Geography, pupils also learn about the routines and rights in other countries, identifying the benefits and sacrifices of British values. By learning about heritage, the children can embrace the ties that bind us together.

In school, we embed the foundations of democracy through our school council: representatives are elected through hustings/pupil vote and they discuss school-issues to identify solutions and projects to improve the school environment for all. Sense of community is also reinforced through our work as litter-pickers, dog-fouling wardens and community ambassadors amongst other projects.

Staff and governors consistently reinforce the message that all pupils (regardless!) are welcome in our school and that they should be welcoming (or even simply tolerant) of others in turn. Pupils are taught to respect difference and that collaboration and cohesion gives strength to communities and societies. Our challenging curriculum enables pupils to recognise the valuable role that they play as emerging citizens in British society.