School Vision, Ethos & Values

SHARED VISION - To ensure a welcoming, aspirational and caring environment where our children flourish in and out of the classroom with respect and confidence.

HEAD’S VISION - To provide broad, inspiring and aspirational opportunities so that pupils can inform their own talents and interests.



We nurture our pupils by caring for their welfare, providing smaller year groups and lower staff:pupil ratios, and an outstanding provision of support.

We inspire our pupils by providing outstanding and aspirational teaching, creative opportunities (including performing arts, sports and outdoor pursuits), exciting activities and engaging visitors and trips.

We know that our pupils achieve because they make strong progress academically and emotionally, they show great determination to improve themselves and they are positive about their achievements.

We know that our pupils succeed because they have clear ambitions and drive to better themselves and they have a clear view of self-worth.

The information above was agreed by the Governing Body on Wednesday 14th October 2015. The children, staff, parents and governors have all been involved in developing the vision and logo. We are all very excited about the school’s new journey!