Ferryhill Station Primary PTFA

Ferryhill Station Primary PTFA is made up of staff and parents.  Money raised from events organised by the PTFA is used to achieve agreed goals. The events held - and the goals achieved - are listed below:


Our next meeting is to be held on Wednesday 17th January at 3.30pm.

Please come along and join us, all are welcome.


Thank you for all of your support with our Christmas activities.

With your help we have managed to raise an amazing £820 so far this year!!!!!



Tea Towels £115.00 so far......

Christmas raffles:  £223.00


As well as raising money, we have also provided the children with DVD's to watch on the movie afternoon, refreshments for parties and the carol service.   





For further information, or details on joining the PTFA, please contact Mrs. Preston in school.